Our Plant and Machinery

The Machinery we use at HEC Showman

A list of the plant and machinery we employ on a daily bases here at HEC Showman. We are constantly investing in state of the art technology to ensure that the products we manufacture are to the highest quality. This machinery allows us to manufacture repeat products consistently and accurately.


Using state of the art Cad and design software our highly experienced and qualified staff will turn your shop fitting metalwork aspirations into reality. Our design team include a graduate in product design from Nottingham Trent University together with engineers who have decades of experience in the retail display metalworking field. Over the past 30 years our company has designed and manufactured many projects for well-known high street stores as well as other prominent and household names.

We are based in Nottinghamshire and our metalwork team would be happy to assist you with your project whether it be a completely new design or an existing project you would like to refresh. We can help with value engineering too, reducing the cost by suggesting a new slant on the way an existing project is manufactured. Please give us a call we would be happy to help.

Laser Cutting

Sheet metalwork has seen a revolution over the past 15 years with the introduction of Laser cutting. The use of this Laser technology to produce sheet metal components allows us to manufacture both repeat and one off parts extremely accurately and quickly. The lasers we employ in our sheet metal manufacturing process here in Nottinghamshire can cut between 4Mx2M sheets in 25mm thick mild steel, 20mm thick stainless steel, and 12mm thick Aluminium. However, in the general day to day sheet metalwork fabrication work manufacture here in Nottinghamshire we tend to use up to 3mm thick material in our work.  Laser cutting allows us to manufacture very complex shapes and produce components to a much higher degree of accurately than was previously possible. Prior to laser cutting, metal punching was the innovative technology of the day. However, Lasers are a much more versatile method of sheet metal profile production, offering a much more versatile medium with much less restriction on tooling which was a big problem with metal punching.

Press Forming

We have recently installed two new Guimadira manufactured press brakes to improve our sheet metalwork and fabrication facility here in Nottinghamshire. These machines are fully CNC programmable press breaks which allow us to produce repeatable manipulations enabling us to form a wide range of shapes with continuous quality and accuracy throughout the metal forming of the component parts of our products. We now design, manufacture and retail many more of our own products and these new machines allow us to store within their programs the bend configurations of our individual components. This storage of pre-programmed bend set ups will speed up our set up times and allow us to keep our costs down and therefore help keep us competitive.

Welding Equipment

Welding is still the mainstay of the metal joining processes within the sheet metal and fabrication industry. At our facility, here in Nottinghamshire we use the latest welding plant to allow our skilled engineers to produce some of the best welds in the business. We have MIG, TIG, spot welding and brazing plants available here to ensure we have the plant to do the weld required.

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Powder Coating

A part of our continued improvement program has seen us bring the powder coating of the sheet metal work we make here in Nottinghamshire “in house”. We did this by building our own purpose built powder coating factory and in it we installed the latest self-contained powder coating equipment. Previously we subcontracted our powder coating to another specialist powder coating company, which necessitated us transporting our products many miles to have the items powder coated. This transportation was not only costly but also put the products at risk to damage both before and after the powder coating had been carried out. We are now able to carry out our own powder coating here in Nottinghamshire with little or no damage to our products as the process is carried out on the same site as the manufacturing process. Our powder coating plant has a 9m long tunnel oven and uses a conveyor track to move the items to be powder coated around the process and through the oven for curing.

Packing and Dispatch

Using a combination of our own dedicated transport, APC, Tuffnells and the Pallet Line we can ensure that your products are packaged and delivered with speed and safety in mind. Delivery can be arranged for any location around the world.