Garage Furniture UK

Quality garage furniture designed and manufactured in Great Britain to suit all garages

Our range of garage storage cabinets have been designed and developed from the ground up to ensure it meets your expectations. Using knowledge gained through the past 30 years in metalwork. As well as developing our world renowned controlled drugs cabinets, and our range of CoSHH cabinets. We are proud to present our garage equipment.

Garage Furniture Assembly in a garage

Garage Furniture Storage Cabinets

Our leading range of British manufactured garage equipment has been developed to offer a high quality and durable product. Using our knowledge of manufacturing techniques and materials, combined with our production capabilities, we have developed our range.

By combining materials in production, we have created an attractive product that is both functional and durable. Unlike other products, our cabinets have stainless steel contact areas. This will help them stay cleaner and withstand use to a much greater extent.

Garage Furniture Construction

All of our garage furniture is constructed the same way. We start with the raw components, which are mild steel and stainless steel sheet, then we turn them into the finished product. The finished products feature the following:

  • 1.2mm thick mild steel construction
  • Precise laser cut construction
  • Tough and durable powder coated finish in a stock range, or in your choice of colour/finish*
  • Stainless steel work surface and contact areas
  • Supplied fully assembled**
  • Available on castors or adjustable feet
  • Can be fitted to a wall or made free standing*
  • Wide range of configurations available
  • Made to measure service available*


*cost option

**installation available

Garage furniture colour options
manufacturing garage furniture

Garage Furniture Manufacture

We’ve touched on the features of our garage furniture. Now let us briefly explain how we manufacture it.

  • Laser Cutting – We use a laser cutter to accurately, and repeatedly cut the profiles that will eventually create your garage storage cabinet.
  • Forming – We employ a series of CNC press breaks that manipulate the laser cut blanks into a shape that starts to resemble your cabinet.
  • Welding – Here a team of skilled welders join the formed laser cut components into a body. Its at this point the cabinet starts to resemble the end item.
  • Painting – We then transport the welded components over the road to our painting facility. Here they are powder coated in your choice of colour.
  • Assembly – The painted components are checked for fit and finish, and providing they pass are assembled to form your finished product. These are then packed and shipped off to you.

Garage Furniture Range

To see our complete garage furniture range, please click on the button below. This will take you to our dedicated website which has a complete e-catalogue, as well as additional information and details. If you would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.