Bespoke Metalwork at Nottingham (East Midlands) Airport

We were contacted by the head of engineering at Nottingham (East Midlands) Airport and asked if we could assist in the design and production of a passenger management and control facility at their new security check in area.

With the increase in terrorism and need for greater passenger security checks, the length of time taken to carry out these checks has increased significantly. To help improve the flow of passengers and the need reduce the waiting time, the airport has completely redesigned and refitted the security check in area. The problem we were asked to assist in overcoming was to manage the wait, and guide the passengers in an orderly way through the security checks. Any barriers used were to be minimal in appearance and to satisfy certain criteria associated with the possibility of bomb blasts.

Aesthetic Metalwork Design with Built-In Safety

The airport has two separate security check in areas, one for main use and a smaller area to be opened during periods of higher passenger traffic. A specific route had been planned that required passengers to follow and we were required to design and manufacture a barrier to accommodate this.

Stainless steel was agreed as the material to be used, this being clean looking, hard wearing and with a minimal cleaning requirement to keep it looking like new. The minimalist requirement was met using glass panels with rectangular stainless steel uprights at 1500mm cts. and tubular handrail across the top.

Due to the concerns the client expressed over the possibility of bomb blast we were unable to use the conventional drilled glass and pad fixing methods. To overcome this problem we decided to clamp the glass over the full height of the panel at both ends. This, together with the use of 10mm laminated glass, would help to contain the glass in the event of an explosion. The clamping arrangement was to be concealed between two 60 x 30mm tubular uprights which were to form the main supports for the stainless steel balustrade. The glass rested in a stainless steel channel between the uprights and was clamped using a series of Allen screws which were concealed within the tubular stainless steel section. To facilitate the removal of any damaged panels a 20mm gap was left between glass panels to allow them to be slid out and replaced.

The balustrade was fixed to a marble floor with expanding bolts through a 10mm stainless steel plate welded to the base of the stainless steel uprights. The whole of the stainless steel was polished following fabrication, wrapped and delivered to site for installation.

Nottingham Airport has reduced passenger waiting time.

Following the installation of the additional security check in areas and the stainless steel balustrade the throughput of passenger traffic has increased. Passengers now have a clear and visible route to follow, reducing confusion and making crowd control easier for the security staff.