CoSHH Cabinets Made in Great Britain

Cabinets conforming to the Control of Substances, Hazardous to Health Regulations

CoSHH cabinets provide a suitable method of safely storing hazardous substances within the workplace. Ideally where ever possible a hazardous substance should be replaced with a safer substitute. If this is not feasible then using a variation of CoSHH cabinet depending on the substance to be stored will ensure you comply with CoSHH regulations. Storing a CoSHH controlled substance in a clearly marked and visible hazardous substance CoSHH  cupboard will allow better protection, give greater control over access to the substance and allow better regulation over their use.

Hazardous Substance CoSHH Cabinets

Flammable Substance CoSHH Cabinets

By far the most popular COSHH Cabinet, these cabinets are designed to store hazardous and flammable substances covered under COSHH regulations.

Colour – Yellow, complete with relevant CoSHH warning label

CoSHH Cabinets

General Substance CoSHH Cabinets

These CoSHH cabinets are designed to store substances covered by the COSHH regulations where that substance is not given a specific hazard.

Colour – Grey, complete with relevant CoSHH warning label

Pesticide CoSHH Cabinets

Pesticide and Agrochemical CoSHH Cabinets

These CoSHH cabinets are designed to store pesticides and agrochemicals and come complete with a vented front to prevent the build up of fumes within the cabinet.

Colour – White, complete with relevant CoSHH warning label

Corrosive Substance CoSHH Cabinets

Acid and Alkali CoSHH Cabinets

These CoSHH cabinets are designed to store corrosive substances such as acids and alkali.

Colour – Red, complete with relevant CoSHH warning label

Our range of robust CoSHH storage cupboards are suitable for the safe and correct storage of flammable liquids, paints, chemicals, pesticides, cleaning chemicals and other hazardous substances.

Our CoSHH cabinets comply with

  • The Health and safety executive guide HSG51 for the storage of Flammable liquids in containers.
  • The dangerous substances ad explosive atmospheres regulations(DESEAR) approved code of practice (ACoP)L136 paragraph 94-96.
  • The highly flammable liquids and liquid gasses regulations, section5 (1.D)

General CoSHH Cabinet Features

  • Manufactured using 1.2mm mild steel
  • Press formed construction
  • Fully welded leak proof sump in base
  • Three point locking system
  • Concealed hinge for added security
  • Welded construction
  • Polyester powder coated finish
  • Adjustable and removable shelves
  • Fixing holes in rear of cabinet (fixings not included)
  • Reinforced door edges to prevent distortion
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Supplied with warning labels compliant with BS5378