Stock Sheet Metal Cabinets

Stock and bespoke metal cabinets manufactured in Nottinghamshire, Great Britain by HEC Showman

Please see our range of stock products listed below.

All are available for purchase from our online shop, or through one of our distributors.

CoSHH Cabinets

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Medical Products

Our catalogue of Hospital Furniture

Shotgun / Saddle Cabinets

Police approved shotgun cabinets & saddle safes

Garage Equipment

Commercial workshop / garage and other equipment

Here at HEC Showman we have a vast skill set and years of experience in shopfitting and retail metalwork.

Whilst this still plays a big part in our daily business activities, we now manufacture a wide range of stock products. Our stock metal products cover a wide range of applications. From CoSHH Cabinets, through to the UK’s largest range of Controlled Drugs cabinets.

Over many years we have fine tuned our designs and built a reputation for quality, speed of service and market leading prices. All of which is now envied by our competitors.

Although our stock range of products is predominantly cabinet based, our products cover a wide range of applications. They also cover a wide range of UK legislation.