Aluminium Fabrication Services

Precision Sheet Aluminium Fabrication Across Nottinghamshire and Great Britain

Sheet metal fabrication is the cornerstone of what we do here at HEC Showman. Under that umbrella of sheet metal fabrication, we specialise in aluminium fabrication. Aluminium fabrication is one of our specialist skills. We have over 30 years experience working with aluminium and in that time have honed our skills to produce quality results.

Although we work in aluminium, we also have specialist fabrication skills in other metals:

Our latest addition, an Amada laser, now ensures that we are a fully self contained fabrication service. Controlling all processes at our own facilities in Nottinghamshire, ensures we offer a quick turnaround, whilst being able to ensure quality is kept at the forefront through all fabrication stages.

Aluminium Fabrication Laser Cutting Capabilities

As we’ve discussed on previous pages, our recent acquisition of a laser cutting machine has ensured that our fabrication services are now better than ever. This new machinery ensures that we can offer better than ever turn around times, reduced costs and better quality sheet metal fabrication services than ever before. Furthermore the laser has allowed us to adjust our fabrication processed increasing the precision of our work.

Precision Aluminium Fabrication Forming Capacities

Our Guimadira CNC programmable press brakes further help us to achieve a high degree of consistent accuracy in our press forming of our precision fabricated products. These machines allow us to store pre-programmed settings for each of our many different products. The storage of pre-programmed measurements and controls ensures we can quickly change from job to job and still maintain quality. This saves time and possible operator error as individual information does not need to be input each time we form a product part. Furthermore, it ensures production precision from one batch to the next.

Aluminium Welding and Finishing Services

Aluminium welding can be an artform. As its often self finishing, getting that perfect weld is more important than ever. Welding is definable one of our key strengths as we are capable of creating good clean welds that require little, if any dressing.

Finishing Services

Although aluminium often than not left self finish due to its inherit properties, we can, and do powder coat it and wet spray it. Powder coating aluminium provides a coloured finish and is often used on products that are to be used outdoors.