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Quality Retail Metalwork

Retail Metalwork made in Nottinghamshire, Great Britain

Retail metal work manufacture and bespoke retail metalwork has been the cornerstone of our business for over thirty years. Although we have diversified heavily into the manufacture of our own products, retail metalwork is still a very important part of our core business.

Manufacturing Retail Metal Work

We have been retail metalworkers and manufacturers for over 30 years now. This is quite a long time and we’d like to think we know a bit about it by now.

Retail metalworking usually takes the form initially of an instruction from the client. This can be as a rough sketch or a more comprehensive instruction like a design concept or working drawing. In whichever form the instruction reaches us we work with the client to ensure the best possible method of manufacture to achieve a cost effective and workable method of manufacture.

The retail metalwork we then manufacture for the client may subsequently evolve into a production run following the prototype’s acceptance by the client.

We know only too well the importance of effective retail displays and points of sale to the retail sector and finding a reliable company who can manufacture quality retail metalwork is not easy. We hope that is where we can help. During our many years of manufacturing retail metalwork we think we have probably seen most things that retailers require. Whether your display or equipment requirement are in powder coated steel, stainless steel or Aluminium, we can help.

Our combined facilities allow us to manufacture and finish a wide range of metalwork items. We do all without the need to subcontract. This ensures we maintain control of the production process, resulting in a more reliable and accurate product. In addition to powder coating, we also offer a wealth of additional finishing options from specialist finishers we have worked with for a long time.

Retail Metal work process

From initial contact with the customer we will discuss their requirements. Then provide full working drawings and if required, manufacture and finish their project all from one site.

Throughout our many years of manufacturing retail metal work we have been fortunate to have been asked to manufacture equipment for many prestigious and well-known names.

Bespoke Retail Metalwork

In addition to our retail metalworking services, we offer a bespoke retail metalwork service. You can read more about this service by clicking on the link below.