Manufacturing Services Nottinghamshire from HEC Showman

Metal work manufacturing services in Nottinghamshire, the East Midlands, and the United Kingdom

Laser Cutting Services

We have capacity to cut 4Mx2M sheets in 25mm thick mild steel, 20mm thick stainless steel, and 12mm thick Aluminium. Laser cutting is a versatile tool for simple and complex shapes alike, providing more versatility compared to punching.

metal fabrication services

We have MIG, TIG, spot welding and brazing plants available here to ensure we have the plant to do the weld required. Our skilled engineers have years of practice and skill ensuring that we can produce some of the best welds in the region.

Metal forming services

We utalise fully CNC programmable press breaks which allow us to produce repeatable manipulations enabling us to form a wide range of shapes with continuous quality and accuracy throughout the metal forming process.

powder coating services

We carry out our own powder coating here in Nottinghamshire with no damage to our products as the process is carried out on the same site as the manufacturing process. Powder coating is a cost effective, resilient and high quality finish.

Our vast range of experience manufacturing a wide range of products over the past 27 years ensures that we have the skills on site to meet your needs. Many of our engineers have been with us all that time and have honed their skills to produce the best quality metalwork we can. The wide range of projects and companies we have produced metalwork for over the years has given us a diverse range of skills and allows us to produce a comprehensive range of items.

Our Manufacturing Process

To ensure we provide the best quality metalwork we can, we follow a 9 stage process for all products we manufacture. By following this process, we ensure that all products are to the highest standards every time. Furthermore, we are currently working towards ISO:9001 Quality accreditation.

  1. Design
  2. Cutting and component creation
  3. Forming
  4. Fabrication
  5. Quality Control
  6. Painting or Finishing
  7. Quality Control
  8. Assembly and Packing
  9. Distribution