Controlled Drugs Cabinet Wholesale and Trade

Trade and wholesale purchase of our leading controlled drugs cabinets

All of the controlled drugs cabinets we manufacture here at HEC Showman are available for trade discounts. We offer an attractive discount structure over our list price. This allows us to say thank you to volume customers whilst offering re-sellers a sales incentive.

HEC currently supply some of the biggest names in the independent pharmacy and medical supplier business. Our controlled drugs cabinet wholesale pricing and service has swayed many named to our customer base. Our leading prices, quality and speed of delivery have been impressing customers for over 10 years and we have no plans to change today.

Controlled Drugs Cabinets for Trade

In order to get access to our trade pricing all we ask is that you meet our order volume requirements.

If you are a re-seller or believe you may meet our volume requirements, please get in touch to discuss further.

There are several ways we can provide you with controlled drugs cabinets. You can order from us in a single volume and have them delivered to your warehouse. Or you can use our drop shipping service.

Our drop ship service is by far and away the most popular service. We hold the stock and deliver it to your customer as per your request.

If you are interested in becoming a re-seller of our controlled drugs cabinets, please get in touch. You can do that by using the form on the right of this page, or by clicking the button below.