Modular Commercial Workshop Furniture

Quality commercial workshop furniture manufactured in Great Britain

Our range of commercial workshop furniture has been designed with the professional in mind. Modular in construction, it can be configured or customised to make the most use of your available space. With our catalogue ranging from base units to trolleys and custom designed units for miscellaneous components, we are sure that there will be a configuration possible to meet your exacting standards.

Commercial workshop furniture example

Commercial Workshop Furniture Options:

As with all our products, our catalogue is comprehensive. In addition, should you require something customising, or completely unique to you, our bespoke manufacturing service is available to you.

Below are a selection of the items we offer:

  • Base Units
  • Tool Boxes and drawer cabinets
  • Tower units / large volume storage cabinets
  • Under bench cabinets
  • Wall Units

You can see a selection of our cabinets on our dedicated garage furniture website by clicking on the button below.

commercial workshop furniture drawings

Commercial workshop furniture construction components

Workshop Furniture Construction:

All our garage furniture and commercial workshop furniture are constructed in the same way. They use the same selection of materials and are available in the same colour options.

Key construction points are as follows:

  • Stainless steel upper work surfaces.or mild steel with rubber upper.
  • Stainless steel contact surfaces, handles etc
  • 1.2 welded mild steel construction
  • Smooth lipped base and shelving allowing easy access to stored items
  • Powder coated in your choice of colour providing a tough and resilient finish
  • Full length piano hinge down all doors providing a strong and reliable hinge

The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process for all our workshop cabinets and equipment follows the same path as all our other cabinets. That process is as follows:

Laser Cutting

All of the component parts for our commercial workshop furniture are laser cut. We use our own laser cutter that we operate from our site in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire. All of the blanks are cut from sheet steel. The laser cutting process improves accuracy and leaves cleaner edges than other cutting processes. It is also more versatile, allowing us to cut more intricate shapes etc.

Press Forming

Once laser cut, all of the flat parts are transferred over to our other factory, about 100 meters from the laser cutting unit. Here they are press formed into parts that start to resemble the skeleton of the furniture. The press uses a male and female tool that force the flat sheet into shape. Using a calculated force, the press can create and bend we require. Using a CNC press, we can quickly, repeatedly and accurately create the bends required to form a cabinet.


After the blank cut sheets have been formed into shape, they are ready to be welded together. Welding the parts together creates a permanent and strong bond that increases the overall strength of the cabinet. We use different types of weld depending on the cabinet, from puddle welds, through to full seem welding. This is all calculated to provide the correct join at the right area. Every welded uses a jig to hold the cabinets in shape whilst they are joined together. They then sand away and weld excess, creating a smooth, often invisible join.


Once the cabinets have been welded together, they are powder coated. The powder-coating process uses a combination of powdered paint and an electrostatic process to hold the powder to the metal, before being transferred to the over to be baked into ‘paint’. This process of painting produces a much tougher finish than conventional wet spraying.

Assembly and Shipping

Once the components have been powder-coated, they are assembled. Here an operator assembles all of the painted parts into the cabinets that have been ordered. The cabinets are then checked for fit and finish, packed and shipped off to their final destination.