Horse equipment is very costly to replace.

The increased number of break-ins, together with the high value of horse tack and equipment taken from stables and livery yards, further indicates the need for improved security measures at these types of premises. We identified the need for a secure tack storage cabinet to help prevent horse equipment crime and keep an owners saddle safe. Whilst other similar products are on the market from other companies they are vastly inferior to our product offering very little security in comparison.

Our simple but effective saddle safe cabinets will deter thieves from stealing your valuable saddles and tack. While we appreciate that our saddle safes are not impregnable they will offer a good level of security for your tack and will help keep your saddle safe while you are away. Our range of saddle safes have been developed originally from the shotgun cabinets we have manufactured for many years, these are built to British Standard BS 7558/92 a Police approved design.

Although Equine tack thefts have come down by 41% across many regions, perhaps a testament to the many Horse Watch Schemes in operation across the United Kingdom it is still wise not to become complaisant. Vigilance is still the watch word and a common-sense approach of keeping your valuables out of harm’s way is still the best policy. If you are on a livery yard with several other people and you keep your saddle safe in a locked cabinet and the others do not, it is not difficult to image which persons’ saddle and tack an opportunist thief will try to steal.

Other sensible precautions to take are to ensure that your saddle safe is positioned out of sight of casual callers so it is not immediately evident that valuable tack is stored there. Good and bright lighting perhaps connected to a PIR sensor is also a good deterrent. Position the PIR detector away from the light it operates so that an intruder may think someone else is present and has heard them, prompting the light to be turned on.

Although your own personal safety is paramount don’t be afraid to enquire why a stranger is on the yard. Whilst there is a degree of opportunist theft most break-ins follow a degree of prior reconnaissance.

Manufacturing a saddle safe unit.

We currently manufacture shotgun cabinets to BS 7558 and the design of our lockable saddle safe is based around this design. The units are constructed from 2mm steel and have provision to store at least two saddles, associated bridles and other horse tack. The units have the provision to accommodate a maximum of three saddles in the larger unit and will be called tack safes.

The tack safes are part of the Locbox range and incorporate three different styles. A one saddle safe, two saddle safe and a larger three saddle safe. All units will have two seven lever mortise locks and be powder coated in a grey hammer finish for durability.

These units will not be designed to be totally impregnable due to retail cost constraint, but will be built to be used in conjunction with other levels of security on the premises.

Keep saddle thieves at a distance, protect your saddles with a Knight Watchman saddle safe.

A cost effective method of keeping tack and saddles safe from theft and with the added advantage of reduced insurance premiums.