Controlled drugs and medicines cabinets.

We have been a leading Controlled Drugs cabinet manufacturer for many years, constantly striving to improve the service and products we offer to both our customers and the marketplace in general. A rapidly increasing care sector market with further growth forecast, prompted us to develop a product range which would allow us to take advantage of this growing market sector.

Exhibiting regularly at trade exhibitions with our Controlled Drugs Cabinets as we do, we can discover what the care home owners would like to see from us as cabinets manufacturers. One of the overriding products regularly mentioned to us is a cost-effective Drugs and Medicine Cabinet together with a low-cost self-medication cabinet for use in a care home resident’s rooms. This we have now provided in our stock range and these are always very well received at the care shows.

HEC showman drugs cabinets

We conducted research into the regulations for such a product type which was found to be “Cupboards for the storage of medicines in health care premises BS 2881:1989” level one.

This British standard is the same one specified in the manufacture of Controlled Drugs cabinets, without the additional requirements of certain parts of the Misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulations 1973.

However, as these are not for the storage of Controlled drugs, then the latter, “misuse of drugs regulation” is not required for the storage of drugs and medicines, the cabinets for this sector could be manufactured to a lower specification and therefor a lower cost.

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We sought to design a cabinet range that would be suitable for a range of uses within this sector. The cabinet will facilitate the storage of monitored dosage unit frames, Drugs, Medicines and for the storage of patents own self administration Drugs. A single design and method of manufacture would reduce production costs and therefor help achieve the end user requirements for a low-cost base unit.

We also sought within the development of this range of cabinets, to reduce the labour content wherever possible from that of a Controlled Drugs cabinet. The Misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulations 1973 requires a Controlled Drugs cabinet to be manufactured in a way which necessitates a much higher labour content per unit. For example, a Controlled Drugs cabinet must be of fully welded construction, which together with the cleaning of the weld takes more time and therefor adds additional cost. This then requires a considerable amount of additional metal finishing prior to powder coating.

A cabinet with a lower specification and security requirement can be designed in a way which the developed parts could, following laser cutting be bent and plug welded together. This method of manufacture would considerably reduce the operator skill set necessary and with plug welding, the requirement for finishing prior to powder coating is completely removed. This method of manufacturing  the medicine cabinet has  significantly reduced the labour cost.

We have adopted this method of manufacture in the new range of drugs and medicine cabinets and are now marketing this range alongside our established range of Controlled Drugs cabinets and monitored dosage trolleys.

Care home supplies & consumables

These are markets that we were keen to penetrate and, to that end, have launched a new one stop shop for this important care home sector.

Our care products site Pharmacy Medical, offers a complete one stop shop for the care home sector, incorporating our own in house manufactured controlled drugs cabinets, monitored dosage trolleys and medicine cabinets. We also supply a very wide range of consumables and ancillary care home supplies.

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