About Controlled Drugs Cabinet Manufacture

As a leading manufacturer of Controlled drugs cabinets, we are now probably the foremost authority on Controlled drugs cabinet, their installation and the regulations surrounding their manufacture.

We are a well-respected manufacturer of Controlled Drugs Cabinets and have been for many years. We have now built probably the largest and most comprehensive stocks of Controlled Drugs cabinets in the United Kingdom. The manufacturing of Controlled drugs cabinets all started for our company in 2009. We were approached by a local chemist. They enquired if we could manufacture a bespoke controlled drugs cabinet for them. This initial contact then led us to develop a good business relationship with a large Pharmacist’s Trade Association. We have manufactured all their Controlled Drugs Cabinets ever since.

Over the intervening years with continued development of our products and stocks we have become one of the leading manufacturers of Controlled Drugs Cabinets in the United Kingdom. Consequently, we produce Controlled Drugs Cabinets and Medicine Cabinets for the NHS, pharmacies, trade organisations and many other well know high street names. All the Controlled Drugs Cabinets we manufacture both meet and exceed the requirements of the Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1975 and British Standard 2881:1989 level one.

Visit us and see the manufacturing process

All our Controlled Drugs Cabinets and Medicine Cabinets are manufactured in our own factory here in Nottinghamshire, in the heart off the United Kingdom. Therefore you are most welcome to visit our factory and showroom to see for yourself our wide range of cabinets. As well as the high quality and care that goes into their manufacture.

Together with the knowledge we have acquired surrounding the regulations for the manufacture of Controlled drugs cabinets and medicine cabinets we have also gained considerable information concerning peripheral issues required for the storage of Controlled drugs. Much of this has been gained through the many trade shows at which we exhibit and attend. These are a rich source of information for us in the manufacture of our Controlled drugs cabinets. For instance, “The misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulations 1975, for us as a manufacturer, not only specifies the requirements of a controlled drug and medicine cabinet but also the levels of security required in which to store the drugs. The misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulations 1975 explains too that there are different schedules of drugs, five in total and the level of security required for each.

Schedule 1-3 Drugs require full Controlled drugs storage at a level that fits the environment in which the drugs are stored, this is where either, a level one, level two, or a level three security level controlled drugs cabinet must be used.

Schedule 4-5 Drugs are only required to be stored in a cabinet manufactured to British standard 2881:1989 which is: – “cabinets for the storage of drugs in healthcare premises”.

Controlled Drugs Cabinet Group Shot

Controlled Drugs Cabinet Development

With the extensive knowledge and expertise, we have gained over the many years we have been manufacturing Controlled drugs cabinets, our own range of Controlled Drugs Cabinets and Medicine Cabinets have developed into one of the largest stock ranges in the country. Consequently, we have become one of, if not the largest manufacturer of Controlled Drugs Cabinets in the UK. We supply not just the United Kingdom but export regularly to the Middle East.

All our Controlled Drugs Cabinets are supplied with fitting instructions, fixing bolts as required. They are finished in a durable white polyester powder coated finish. The stringent requirement of the Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1975 necessitates a high level of labour content in their manufacture. The cabinet body for instance is required to be of a fully welded construction. This then requires a large amount of weld cleaning prior to the unit being powder coated. We use a method of welding called “Tungsten Inert Gas welding” or TIG welding to join the cabinet parts. this method of welding whilst slower gives the benefit of a smaller and neater weld bead. As a result this reduces the metal finishing required.

We manufacture a range of Medicine Cabinets too. These are designed to reduce the skill level required by the assembly operator. Medicine Cabinets are built to a lower specification than the Controlled Drugs Cabinets. (BS 2881:1989 level one). This is reflected in the lower retail price. This method of manufacture is covered in another case study.

Furthermore, to purchase from our range of Controlled Drugs Cabinets and Medicine Cabinets please visit our online shop. Or speak to one of our distributors.