Bespoke Shotgun Cabinet Manufacturers

We manufacture bespoke shotgun cabinets to your own requirements.

Should one of our stock sizes of shotgun cabinets not be suitable then that’s not a problem, just tell us your requirements and we can make it for you.

Some of our customers have their own individual and specific needs when it comes to storing their shotguns. This may be a particular size or shape which best suits their available space. Many of our bespoke shotgun cabinet requests are from commercial estates for their shoots or from gun shops where a larger number of shotguns are required to be stored but we can make any shape or size to suit your requirements.

As with all our stock shotgun cabinets, our Bespoke Shotgun cabinets are also manufactured to British standard 7558, the requirement for the storage of Shotguns in England, Scotland and Wales.

Bespoke Shotgun Cabinet Manufacturing Process

In the first instance, we advise you contact your local Police Firearms officer to discuss your requirements. They will ensure that your proposal is acceptable to them and that you do not waste your time and money on something unsuitable.

Once your requirements are established we will be happy to talk through these with you and then prepare working drawings of the bespoke shotgun cabinet for your approval. These can then be costed and if this is acceptable to you and the drawings approved we will forward a request for payment. Once payment is received we will start manufacturing process of the bespoke shotgun cabinet, which usually takes approximately 10 working days.

Every part of the manufacturing process from the design through the forming of the material to makeing the parts, to welding, cleaning off and the powder coating is carried out entirely in our factories here in Nottinghamshire in the heart of the United Kingdom.

With us, don’t forget, you are buying a quality, British made Shotgun cabinet which meets all the UK requirements for the storage of shotguns within the United Kingdom and a product that will give you years of service.

“We have never had one of our cabinets, either a stock shotgun cabinet or a bespoke Shotgun cabinet condemned or questioned by a firearms officer in over twenty-five years of manufacturing Shotgun cabinets”.