Bespoke Metalwork from HEC Showman Ltd.

Manufacturing Bespoke Metalwork in Nottinghamshire, Great Britain.

Manufacturing bespoke metalwork has been a key part of our business for over thirty years and even though we have now diversified into the manufacture of our own products, bespoke metal work is still a very important part of our business.

Bespoke Metalwork Example
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Manufacturing Bespoke Metal Work

Thirty years of manufacturing bespoke metalwork is quite a long time and we’d like to think we know quite a bit about it by now.

Metalworking is what we do best and has supported and helped develop our range of stock products. It has also enabled us to provide bespoke metalworking solutions for some well known household names over the years. We believe that the continued use of our services by these well known names speaks for the quality and service provided by us at HEC Showman.

We are all too aware of the importance of speed and quality in the bespoke metalwork. Most commonly metalwork items need to be turned around quickly without a compromise in quality. We have many years of experience of this and utilise the latest machinery to ensure we can meet demand.

Custom Made Metalwork

We utilise a range of machinery and manufacturing techniques to ensure our metalwork is to the highest standards. From the latest laser cutting technologies, to CNC operated press bakes, welding plant and powder coating technologies.


HEC Showman is a complete in house solution for all your metalworking and bespoke metalwork requirements.


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