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Through our new website we’ve done our best to list all about what we do here at HEC Showman. From our vast range of metalworking knowledge and manufacturing skills, through to our stock product range, there should be a page for everything. So we’re not repeating content, please follow the links below to be taken to pages that should better offer an insight into our company and our products and services.

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A Metalworking Overview

At HEC Showman, we have a wide range of metalworking knowledge and skills. Over the past three decades we have developed and honed these skills ensuring that the goods we manufacture are done so to the highest standards.

Our range of skills has allowed us to produce retail metalwork, and bespoke metalwork for some of the UK’s largest and most famous companies and brands.

Some of the first metalwork we first manufactured for a leading fast food outlet, and our local council offices is still in situ, going strong after 25 years exposed to the elements. That’s not to mention our later work!

We believe that our metalworking skills speak for themselves and invite you to come and see for yourself. If you would like to discuss anything, or arrange to come and visit our facility, please get in touch.

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