Monitored Dosage MDS Trolleys

Monitored dosage MDS drugs trolleys from the UK’s Leading Manufacturer

Building upon our long-established experience as sheet metal engineers, we have developed a range of MDS trolleys for use in the care sector. Working closely with pharmacies and care homes, our MDS drugs trolleys have been designed to meet care home and drug dispensing requirements.

Here at HEC Showman we manufacture a large range of MDS trolleys designed to suit the wide variety of needs within this sector. Based in the East Midlands, Nottinghamshire, we utilise our purpose-built facility to manufacture and stock our comprehensive range of MDS trolleys. The range is designed to suit the requirements of both the independent pharmacy and the care home sector requirements, ensuring a good variety of sizes and formats to assist with the easy mobile dispensing of drugs around the care home.

All MDS trolleys manufactured by us are sold under our “Locbox Medical” brand and are available for wholesale and direct purchase.

We have manufactured drugs trolleys here in the United Kingdom for over 10 years and the knowledge and expertise we have gained during that time is valued and trusted by many leading organisations within the medical and care industry.

MDS trolley Features:

All HEC MDS drugs trolleys are built to BS2881:1989. This is the standard for medicines in healthcare premises.

These cabinets also feature:

  • Manufactured in the UK by HEC Showman
  • Manufactured from 1.2mm mild steel
  • Reinforced base
  • 4 anti static lockable castors
  • Bumpers to all corners
  • Welded construction
  • Yale* 6-pin Euro profile cylinder lock with 3 keys
  • Tough powder coat finish in white
  • Wall fixing as standard (fixing supplied)
  • In stock for next day delivery**

Buying MDS Drugs Trolleys:

When buying MDS drugs trolleys, there are three key things to look out for.

  1. Castors
  2. Door hinge
  3. Locks

These three key things are generally the main problem areas found with MDS drugs trolleys.

Castors. Our MDS trolleys use high quality castors bolted to reinforced anchor points on the base. This ensures the castors will not fail during the rigorous and repeated heavy use the care home give the trolleys. Our castors also feature revolving bumpers to the corners which serve to protect the fabric of the building from impact.

Hinge. Our trolley doors are held in place using a full length piano hinge. Using this method ensures the doors are held securely in place.

Locks. The locks we use on our trolleys surpass the requirements of BS2881:1989. We use the same locks that are on our controlled drugs cabinets which is the Yale 6-pin euro profile cylinders. These are reliable and high quality and again will withstand the knocks sustained with constant use. Furthermore, the extended base on our trolley serves to protects the key from damage when left in the lock whilst moving the trolley around the care home.

MDS Trolley Construction:

All our trolleys are constructed from 1.2mm thick steel. The component parts are laser cut to shape and then CNC press brake formed to make the raw component parts of the trolley. We use CNC laser and press brake forming as this results in an accurate, repeatable and interchangeable manufacturing process.

The press formed parts of the trolley are then welded together for a strong and robust construction.

These resulting manufactured components are then powder coated in our onsite purpose-built finishing facility, the Powder coating applied results in a tough, durable and hygienic finish to the trolley.

The painted components are then assembled; the castors are attached to the base and the door is attached to the body. The lock is secured to the door and then trolley inspected and checked that everything works.

Each trolley is then finally individually packaged to ensure that all parts are sent correctly, the keys placed in a bold red envelope, it is labelled and then secured to the trolley to make the keys visible when unpacking.

MDS Trolley Wholesale

Are you a volume purchaser of MDS drugs trolleys? If so, please contact us to discuss your requirements or about the possibility of becoming a distributor.