External Side Door Display Unit.

Class 22x Chassis External Side Door Display Unit for Bombardier trains.

We were approached by Bombardier trains to see if we could assist them with the manufacture of a part which they were having difficult in obtaining to their high standards.

Following several meetings with their company’s engineering and quality departments and our successful quote we received an order for an initial eight units.

The units form the enclosure which houses the display indicating the departure and destination details for that train. The units are situated adjacent to each passenger door opening on every carriage of a train.

These eight units and subsequent ones are to replace outdated and badly corroded units currently on trains undergoing refit. The units must withstand numerous passes trough the automated train wash and the toll the revolving brushes will have on them.

We initially received the drawings from the customer and set about constructing the developed shape to enable this information to be put into the laser and cut to shape. The profiles were then bent to the required shape and each sub assembly welded to form the finished unit.

We manufactured an initial one off which was submitted for inspection by Bombardier’s inspection department. Fortunately, there was just a single modification required to our profile and we proceeded to manufacture the batch quantity.

The units were manufactured from stainless-steel and required powder coating following manufacture. It was necessary to mask off certain parts of the assembly which did not require powder coating, and this was done using a special heat resistant tape.

Following the initial powder coating of the required finish which was grey, the units then required screen printing. Screen printing is a process which we had previously had little knowledge of but thanks to Mr. Google we soon found a small local company which carried out the process for us. After just a few days at the screen printers we collected the assemblies complete with the printed material on the surface as required. We then set about re-masking the parts which did not require powder in order to apply a clear lacquer coat to the area. The main reason for the clear coat was to give protection to the screen printing whilst the unit is being cleaned in the train wash.

Our client, Bombardier were pleased with our product and service and we expect to receive the order for the balance of the two hundred units any day now.